Monday, April 25, 2016


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So, after a long preparation time then online racing games extreme paintball Crossout's hot has prepared the test opens in the coming time. Those who want to join the closed beta phase, without the need to wait can buy the Pack founder Pack, otherwise will have to ' queue ' wait NPH random selection and most recently is 30 minutes long gameplay paragraph full of voyeuristic and impression of Crossout, invite you to enjoy the same readers at the top of this article. earn to die

of Crossout, gamers will have to face the monsters are alien invasion of Earth. players spoiled the creativity in the construction of their fighting vehicles when there is enough additional or external changes as well as the weapons, borders on the car ... ensure there will be no 2 wagon appeared in the virtual world. Granny Strikes Back

Gamers can choose for themselves a suitable car, from strong truck until the vehicle offroad ... and tied up that the weapon is high air guns, grenade launchers, rockets, even large saws to cater for Trident, the owls ' Gore melee.