Friday, June 17, 2016


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The airline recently Crunchy Games has officially announced is open for free online action game horizontal screen StarBreak through the Steam distribution system. Earn to die 6

StarBreak inspired by the classic horizontal screen games on old consoles Nintendo or PlayStation has long been famous as Castlevania or Metroid, but more modern style and contain more content online for people to play together.

The game allows a dietetics at 50 play along in a dungeon and fight each other with the giant boss, to both the screen hovers just glide directly devoured our characters.
In addition to having to deal with the tricky boss StarBreak, gamers have to find a way to overcome many other pitfalls and all sorts of creeps, incredibly annoying.

Through some of the gameplay, can see that StarBreak carries many styles of Contra and Rambo more Dwarf, but richer weapon system and has a combination of playing with each other rather than just vọn two people as before.
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