Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Beast

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After the monkey opened early registration, Webzen-father MU continue tossing the trailer introduces new 4 character classes along the monumental poles fight scenes of The Beast.
Accordingly, Webzen's latest ARPG rookie is The Beast was officially opened to welcome players all over the world sign the previous experience at home before the game launched, and several extremely valuable reward. Earn to die

In addition to the first trailer we posted earlier, Webzen today again revealed one more trailer gameplay include combat footage of monumental poles 4 layers main character. In fact, The Beast is developed by Mokyu company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. However, Webzen behind guarantee, then for sure this game will be released first in the Korean market later to other areas.

Reportedly, The Beast the dramatic thanks to the high quality 3D graphics, background, photo interface was streamlined, easier to control. Create an in-game characters are lively, realistic design with a standard aspect ratio. Exquisite, beautiful costumes, accessories and colors to use, no flashiness. In addition, the player also has the opportunity to meet many different pet species, easily distinguish evil through the facial details.

Beginning the game, the player can choose for themselves one of four character classes including Mage, Assassin, Knight, Berserker to be divided to male and female gender. Each character class will have the ability to fight private skill sets clear role in the battle. However, concern over the pet system is supported, this is the most interesting feature makes NPH had to use to name the product.

With its first version, The Beast will bring to more than 300 different challenges and are emulated in the form of the pass beyond the familiar. Thanks to Eve, pet system, players will enjoy the many different fighting styles with each object that his choice. Even more appealing is the interaction between the characters and each species of pet, we can help you kick off the voyeuristic skills either below ground.
With the tagging system, gamers can form a maximum group of 29 players to adventure together. Expected, The Beast will debut in Korea with the first closed beta test phase coming soon.
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