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StoneAge Mobile

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Recently, Netmarble Games, a leading mobile game developer, South Korea has announced the opening of a limited open beta version of StoneAge Mobile from July 18 to 22, 2016. According to the official announcement, the batch registration and early experience is only available for Android users. Earn to die

Appearing for the first time in 1999, Stone Age is one of the most popular MMORPG with over 200 hundred million registered users in Asia and a myriad of other proud success. Inherited quite a bit from the original version, StoneAge Mobile will bring to most of the functionality of the PC version. Besides, the prehistoric context also be retained, players will have to form a powerful dinosaur detachment and slowly upgrade them to become better leaders count.

Through the provided video shows, the gameplay in the StoneAge Mobile goes towards the traditional turn-based and somewhat similar to the gameplay of Pokémon. In particular, gamers go tame the beasts and arrange them into his army. Interesting points that players need is each animal species will bring in a different properties such as land, water, fire and wind. We'll engrave each mode should you need when fighting the best note target selection for yourself.

Essentially StoneAge Mobile focuses mostly on extra beyond form and fight with the giant Boss. To when gamers have understood about the gameplay, the squad has reached the necessary level may join the tournament with the other players. According to the introduction, the more likely there will be an online arena to bring fairness to the gamers.
There are more than 300 monsters are waiting for the player to discover and acquire in the mobile version of the Mobile StoneAge stone age. Each species has a speed of growth, different strength and personality, allowing players to gradually raise their unique properties in his journey. In addition, to further increase the fun part, the contrasts between elements such as water, fire, Earth and wind, along the animal riding system is also integrated into the game.

The interested gamers can download the Mobile StoneAge on here for Android devices and have the opportunity to receive the pet special poles. If the registered member now, players will get more 300 precious stones anymore.
Expected, StoneAge Mobile will officially be released in South Korea in June to the global version and also in plans to launch soon after.
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