Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kill them all in Gun Mayhem 2

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This game is batshit insane. In 1 Hit 1 Kill mode, you have a gun known as the De-Militarizer and if you get hit by it, you flash red and explode. However, it only has 5 shots. Usually in any other mode you automatically get another gun when you run out of ammo, but here if you run out, it says "Hands Empty". Translation: You're fucked. Earn to die 5 
If you are fond of playing shooting games, Gun Mayhem 2 is a must try then. Your main goal is to shoot the enemies and make them fall off the stage or kill them all! You also have to evade their shots towards you. As you fight off with them, collect power-ups; they will give you great boost to survive the harder levels. Earn to die 6 

You can play Campaign, Custom Games and Challenges. Unlock all fifteen levels in Campaign; play seven modes with up to four players in Custom Games and test yourself and enhance your skills with weapons in Challenges. Use left and right arrow keys to turn left or right, up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to drop through the ground. Press letter Z to shoot and letter X to throw dynamite. Gun Mayhem 2 is an addicting action-packed shooting game.
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