Monday, April 18, 2016

The Secret Beavis

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You heard about one of Beavis and Butthead legends resurfacing cabinets game, right? Arcade galloping ghost in Brookfield, Illinois, was found 1/9. After a period of extensive research and take some effort, and the search for the components inside the 3DO, the game got it working. It is now one of a few prototypes quite at the arcade, others are Primal Rage II and Judge Dredd. earn to die

Now, do not be too jealous about this sequel, but I was able to play it. Galloping Beavis and Butthead, and Ghost bring Primal Rage Midwest Gaming Classic II in 2016, and it was set to free play. What followed was not exactly what I expected. It really played like a fairly complete product. This is a game that could have been released, because it worked very well. Earn to die 6
Remember The Simpsons arcade game? Well, the Beavis and Butthead arcade game is rather similar, only without the combo attacks. Here, Beavis and Butthead go through areas, beating up opponents. The stage I was playing was set in some sort of club area. There were bouncers in suits and what I’d like to think was a lounge lizard (though he could have been a sharply dressed dinosaur). Beavis and Butthead would beat up on all enemies for money, naturally, with crude attacks inspired by burps and farts. Basically, exactly what you’d expect from a game based on this particular cartoon.
In the mini-game I played, it turned into a 2D fighter. It was Beavis against Butthead, with flatulent attacks again. This time, both had short shorts on, and their shirts were rolled up to look like bras. The actual mechanics remained largely the same as in the beat’em up portion of the game, only here I was using them against the other player.