Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cell Destroyer

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Recently G2 Studio officially launched their first product on the market Cell International Destroyer and quickly climbed the charts TOP endlessly on the world. The participation in the international playing field just open up opportunities, both is a big challenge for many Vietnamese Studio. And G2 Studio - Rookie of TDE - is no exception, as is beginning to set the first steps on the world arena. Products G2 Studio debut was released, the foundation's first mobile game Destroyer named Cell. Gameplay is pretty simple, accessible players. Cell Destroyer assessment initially strange and entertaining gameplay well. earn to die

But that is only minigame, but Cell Destroyer initially brought in after 1 week launched the Android version. Among the many market development team aimed, Philippine currently making the most positive signs. Cell Destroyer has been climbing TOP efforts, so far is no sign of stopping. Right from the beginning when the product orientation, cherished G2 Studio will release products with substance and Struggle Flappy Bird legend. Cell Destroyer and indeed have done that. While not making crazy gamers and beating machines, but this gameplay also makes anyone playing to hysterical limbs by the continuity of the flood appeared on the screen Virus. Just simple and difficult, this advantage is toxic Cell Destroyer. 

Players need to incorporate both the quick eyes, quick hands and strong mentality in the face of the timeline is persistent fall. The desire to reach the top, the feeling of uncertainty about the sudden death soon will make players can't-stop-versa. The impression from the first glance eye tien.Trong international players, Cell Destoyer best breakfast in part picture. Graphics are carefully designed and extremely lovable. Simple effect, in accordance with one minigame, can display sharp on all Android devices. crossout