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Red Ball 4

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Game Rules
Move through a beautiful field of trees, flowers and grass in an attempt to destroy as many square monsters as you can, while at the same time, collecting the stars that are available here and there. The terrain is difficult and varied, and your red ball will need to jump, roll and prance in order to pass over it. Not only that, there are a number of mountains and small hills that cannot be just jumped over; you may need the help of a stone, a boulder, a pulley, or even wooden crates to jump over. Earn to die 5
Game Levels and Difficulties
As with every other game, this game starts with easy levels, and then slowly gets tougher and tougher. Newer and more difficult terrains are introduced, newer villains, and difficulties which would leave you thinking of ways to pass. New methods of help arrives in the newer levels, including wooden pulleys, trolleys, crates and boxes that will help you jump and leap over water, gaps and holes.

Also, the number of square monsters increase as the levels becomes tougher.
There are 15 levels in this game, and you can only play a game after you have finished the previous one. Each level played will give you a gold or a silver crown, depending on the number of stars that you collected. Earn to die 6
The game also gives you special points on a number of achievements inside the game, which includes figuring out a tricky contraption inside a level, or being able to destroy the square monster with a wooden machine inside another level, and so on.
You have three lives for each level. The lives are lost if you touch the corners of the monster, drown in puddles, or get squashed by boulders and crates.
The following controls can be used in the game:
  • The ‘Left’ Button – for going left
  • The ‘Right’ Button – for going right
  • The ‘Up’ Button – for jumping.
  • The ‘Down’ Button – for stopping the ball.
All other actions in the game have to be managed with the mouse.
Age Limit
There is no age limit for this game; anyone can play it if they enjoy such games.




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Jaxon Bieber
July 13, 2018 at 1:26 AM

really enjoying the problem solving nature of this addictive game. first my boys then me we all sit a play the same level to see who can solve first....
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